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Disassemble USB 3.1 TYPE C female connector transmission speed


More and more products in the consumer goods market are now equipped with USB 3.1 TYPE C female connectors as data transmission and charging interfaces for devices. Nowadays, consumers who see USB 3.1 TYPE C female connectors will not have any unusual expressions on their faces as they did in the previous two years. In the past, people would always complain that the interface of the newly purchased device is inconsistent with the interface of all the wires and extension wires on the wall socket at home, so they need to purchase additional adapters or wires for the relevant USB 3.1 connectors, Not even able to make customers feel the convenience brought by the dual sided plug and drop supported by the USB 3.1 TYPE C female connector, because when we pick up a phone or tablet to charge, we always need to know the specifications of the male connector at the wire end, but all of this is normal. The emergence and popularization of new connectors always go through a period of adaptation, in addition to the adaptation period of people's operating habits, Electronic devices also require an adaptation period, and this adaptation period may not necessarily change faster than people's operating habits. There are several new features: free insertion and removal of front and back, fast charging with high current, and high-frequency data transmission. However, in reality, the utilization and development level of USB 3.1 TYPE C female connector is still at a relatively low level for many devices. Generally speaking, the vast majority of devices only match its dual sided plug-in and high current charging characteristics, and cannot support its high-frequency data transmission characteristics.USB 3.1 TYPE C母座

The theoretical transmission speed of the true USB 3.1 TYPE C female connector can reach 10Gbps, and both sides can serve as data transmission interfaces! So the question arises, why is such high performance and why are technology manufacturers not actively following up? In summary, there should be several reasons; Firstly, although the new USB3.1 interface standard has a fast theoretical speed, it requires the support of relevant chip modules to achieve this speed. The cost of this chip module is very high, and in the current context of digital electronic products becoming cheaper, it seems understandable that manufacturers have not been proactive in increasing costs to follow up with USB 3.1 TYPE C motherboard connectors! Secondly, there is incompatibility between software and hardware. To achieve the speed of the USB 3.1 TYPE C motherboard connector, both devices need to have supported chip modules, otherwise transmission bottlenecks will occur! In the context of today's mobile phones, tablets, and more, even the USB 3.0 motherboard interface has not yet become popular, let alone USB 3.1! At present, there has been no breakthrough development in hard drive technology. Apart from a small number of consumers who have a real demand for high-definition Blu ray movies, the USB3.1 interface is not as urgently needed! Thirdly, it can be plugged in both front and back, which is also a new feature advertised by the USB 3.1 TYPE C female connector! But in fact, as long as there is a brand new design with a standard appearance, everything can be solved! As usual, the actual transmission standard is still USB 2.0 speed! Its design is relatively flexible. In the future, people will continue to expand its connection mode. Currently, it is mainly used on mobile devices, supporting video data transmission, greatly enhancing the convenience of mobile device use, simplifying the structural design of mobile devices, and reducing interfaces.

USB 3.1 TYPE C female connector is widely used in vehicle, automotive electronics, electronic wire, Electrical connector, combination audio, microphone, television, projector, set-top box, switch, router, digital camera, smart electronic products, smart electronic accessories, smart home products, smart robots, power amplifiers, laptops, desktop computers, all-in-one computers, printers, walkie talkies, tablets, mobile phones, chargers, power packs Bluetooth earphones, electric fans, brooms, lighting fixtures, smart home and other electronic devices.

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