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Talking about the New Features of USB 3.1 TYPE C Mother Seat Connector for High Frequency Transmission


With the continuous development and growth of electronic products in the new era, there are more and more products with USB interfaces, occupying a large market share. More and more products have begun to be equipped with USB 3.1 TYPE C female connectors as data transmission and charging interfaces for devices. Nowadays, consumers who see USB 3.1 connectors will not have any unusual expressions on their faces as they did in the previous two years. In the past, people would always complain that the interface of the newly purchased device is inconsistent with the interface of all the wires and extension wires on the wall socket at home, so they need to purchase additional adapters or wires for the relevant USB 3.1 TYPE C female connector, Even the convenience brought by the dual sided plug and drop supported by the USB 3.1 female connector has not been felt by customers, because when we pick up a phone or tablet to charge, we always need to know the specifications of the male connector on the wire end. However, all of this is normal. The emergence and popularization of new interfaces always go through an adaptation period. In fact, in addition to the adaptation period of people's operating habits, electronic devices also need an adaptation period, And this adaptation period may not necessarily change faster than people's operating habits. Through various media and technology information websites introducing the USB 3.1 TYPE C female connector, we have learned several new features, including free insertion and removal, support for 5A high current fast charging, high-frequency data transmission, professional solutions, structural design, and many styles. Welcome to inquire!

防水USB 3.1 TYPE C母座

USB 3.1 TYPE C female connector products are widely used in vehicle, automotive electronics, electronic wire, Electrical connector, combination audio, microphone, television, projector, set-top box, switch, router, digital camera, smart electronic products, smart electronic accessories, smart home products, smart robot, power amplifier, notebook, desktop computer, all-in-one machine, printer, walkie talkie, tablet, mobile phone, charger Electronic devices such as power banks, Bluetooth headphones, electric fans, floor cleaners, lighting fixtures, and smart homes.

Shenzhen Guangjiayuan Electronic Technology is dedicated to serving you with standardized management, streamlined procurement mode, sound logistics management, and perfect after-sales service! As long as you provide the brand and model, the rest is up to us! In order to improve quotation efficiency, please be sure to provide brand, model, item number, quantity, or photos.

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    Mr. Chen 136-6225-2835 (same WeChat account)

    Miss Chen 189-2385-0895 (same WeChat account)

    Chen Weiting 135-3824-4786 (same WeChat account)


    Building 10, Hongxing Gebu Qixiang, Songgang Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

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