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Selection and Material of Micro USB Interface Mother Base


There are many specifications of micro USB interface motherboards on the regular market, and the demand for their USB motherboards is very wide in various industry fields. However, it should be noted that not all USB sockets can be universal when purchasing micro USB interface sockets. For example, its specifications and types vary, and the performance characteristics distinguished by the rear end are also different. Therefore, the current demand for USB sockets in household and industrial fields varies. So it's probably not a technical person, and most of you don't know how to choose the specifications of the micro USB interface motherboard. Let's break down some common sense for you.

1. Try to choose the official website's micro USB interface motherboard product to purchase, as its quality is also relatively guaranteed. Professional business achievements in the future, such as intelligent power allocation in micro USB interface motherboards, which refers to the power, voltage, and stable transmission power required for smart identification appliances such as mobile phones and flat computers. Otherwise, in some small brand products, there may often be situations where the USB connection cannot be recognized.

2. Regarding the material issue of the micro USB interface mother base, it is generally important to choose PC fireproof materials, as the USB mother base is frequently used in daily life, so the internal wiring can easily cause heating. If the material of the socket product is not resistant to high temperature and fire, it may cause high-temperature spontaneous combustion. Therefore, in the selection of micro usb interface mother, it is necessary to observe that its interface copper sheet is yellow to cyan, tin Phosphor bronze or high precision phosphor copper sheet, and the copper sheet is preferably formed in an integrated manner without welding or rivets.

3. There is also a new type of USB socket with an indicator light. The indicator light can be purchased to automatically indicate whether the USB socket is normal during operation. For example, if the USB bus socket is plugged in incorrectly, its indicator light will display a red prompt, which also indicates that there is a hidden problem in this condition. So what is not equipped with an indicator light is the automatic turn on/off of the USB socket. The indicator light only shows the operating status of the USB when it is inserted, not the disconnection situation. However, this USB socket with indicator light is generally slightly more expensive than other socket components, so you can choose according to the actual situation.

micro usb接口母座选型及材质

Secondly, there are many product categories for the conventional specifications of the micro USB interface mother seat. Generally, products with different specifications will also have different functional functions distinguished by the rear. However, if it is generally used in some household devices, it is recommended to choose a USB socket with a button or automatic on/off, because in household devices, it is often possible to forget to unplug the plug when using a USB socket. For example, a USB socket without on/off function will always remain in operation, easy to heat up, and poses a safety hazard. Therefore, choose a micro USB interface mother socket with a button.

Finally, I believe everyone is also concerned about the price of micro USB interface motherboards. In fact, there should be no mentality of being greedy for small and cheap when selecting socket components. Generally, for the situation where the price of the micro USB interface motherboard is too low, there may be safety hazards in the product. Therefore, the price of this socket can refer to some large brand products. However, it should be noted that the price of the USB motherboard is usually related to the output current, which means that the price of the output current 2a will definitely be higher than that of the 1a.

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