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Talk about the difference between USB C and type-C


From the Type-C interface to wireless charging, the protagonist we are talking about today is of course the USB C and Type-C interfaces. To be honest, using the Type-C interface is really a perfect work. The thinnest to the extreme body cannot carry a large number of large and bulky interfaces, while the compact Type-C can integrate charging, data transmission, and video output in one; As a leader in the industry, innovation ability and strength are still worth affirming. At present, there are three common charging interfaces in the market: micro USB, type-c, and Lightning. USB C and type-c refer to the same thing, and their full name is type-c interface, which is a USB interface appearance standard.

1. High transmission power: This interface can pass 3A current and support transmission power up to 100W, greatly increasing the charging speed of mobile phones.

2. The front and back sides of the interface are consistent. The shape of the type-C is elliptical, and the front and back sides of this interface are exactly the same. Both sides can be inserted for charging.

3. The transmission speed is fast and supports the USB 3.1 standard. According to testing, the maximum transmission speed of type-c can reach 10Gbps.


4. It has video transmission function, supports external device type-c interface, and also supports DP Altmode video output protocol. During meetings, the laptop only needs one type-c interface cable to meet the needs of the meeting, reducing the number of cables required.

5. It is very convenient, and there is also the transmission speed. It is understood that its transmission speed can reach up to 5Gbps. In addition, the most popular fast charging skills also require its support, which can support 100W of high-speed charging. And micro USB is far inferior to Type-C interface phones in these two aspects.

In addition, micro USB is a portable version of the USB 2.0 standard with a maximum carrying current of 1.8A. Compared to the previous generation of mini USB interfaces, it is also a 5pin interface. The micro USB interface is smaller, with a height of about half that of a mini USB. Although its size has decreased, its performance has been improved, and its lifespan has also been extended to withstand 10000 plug and unplug times.


Although the micro USB interface of most Android phones has been replaced by the type-c interface, micro USB is still the most widely used interface in electronic products such as power banks, speakers, cameras, Bluetooth headphones, etc.

Kind reminder: There are also significant advantages in compatibility. Micro USB can be compatible with USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1. This interface has a significant drawback, as it often presents a situation where the computer cannot recognize the phone during data transmission. Type-C can greatly reduce this rate. We don't know if we have noticed that the micro USB and USB C interfaces are divided into two types of cables, one is only for charging, and the other is for data transmission, When purchasing, pay attention to distinguishing the required functions.

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