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Decomposing USB 3.1 type-c connector performance and usage


USB 3.1 type-c provides many features, including advanced flexibility and convenience for end users. System designers must carefully choose the options provided, so as to control the overall system cost within a reasonable range. There are two options that will have the greatest impact on the cost and complexity of the system, one is the inherent power of type-c of 15W, and the other is to enhance power supply capacity and video support.

1. Main technical performance

2. Purpose: Suitable for use as an information or power interface in electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones.

How to use a USB connector

When choosing a USB connector, there are many factors to consider, among which environmental parameters are one of the most important factors, including temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc. The usage methods of USB connectors vary under different environmental conditions. Below, we will introduce some tips for using them in extreme environments.

The metal and insulation materials of a USB connector in a high-temperature environment determine the working environment temperature of the connector. High temperature can damage the edge material, causing a decrease in insulation resistance and withstand voltage performance; For metals, high temperatures can cause contact pairs to lose elasticity, accelerate oxidation, and cause coating deterioration. The usual ambient temperature is -40~80 ℃, which may be higher in special occasions.

2. The relative humidity in humid environment is greater than 80%, which is the main reason for Electrical breakdown. Damp environments can cause the absorption and diffusion of water vapor on the surface of insulators, which can easily reduce the insulation resistance to below level M. Long term exposure to high humidity environments can cause physical deformation, decomposition, and escape into substances, resulting in respiratory effects, electrolysis, corrosion, and cracking. Especially for USB connectors outside the device, it is often necessary to consider humid, water permeable, and polluted environmental conditions, in which case sealed connectors should be selected.

usb 3.1 type-c母座

3. The temperature and humidity sudden change test simulates the actual use of USB connectors in cold environments to warm environments, or simulates the rapid temperature changes in the environment of space vehicles and detectors. Sudden temperature changes may cause cracks or delamination of insulation materials.

4. In an environment with thin air at high altitudes, plastic emits gases that contaminate the contact pairs, increasing the trend of corona generation and decreasing voltage resistance, resulting in short circuit faults in the circuit. When reaching a certain value at high altitude, the performance of plastic deteriorates. Therefore, when using unsealed connectors at high altitudes, it is necessary to reduce the rating for use.

5. Corrosive environment: According to the different corrosive environments in which USB connectors are used, connectors with corresponding metal, plastic, and coating structures are selected. For connectors used in salt spray environments, if there is no corrosion-resistant metal surface, the performance will rapidly deteriorate. In environments containing a considerable concentration of SO2, connectors with silver plated contact pairs should not be used. In hot and humid areas, mold is also an important issue.

Netizens ask: Is it necessary to use high-quality USB connectors when designing electronic products

Expert response: The question mentioned by this netizen is a common misconception that many USB system designers often encounter. In order to save costs and reduce complexity, a design often underestimates the importance of connectors and uses other ports to provide simplified functionality, which is a cheap but poor quality connector. Although this may seem to save costs, the subsequent maintenance costs are considerable. Low quality connectors can cause the USB system to fail to operate normally, Product recall, product liability cases, circuit board damage, rework and repair, and eventually lead to user loss. I believe this is not what enterprises want to see. Therefore, when designing USB products, do not underestimate the importance of connectors, and choose a high-quality and suitable USB connector.

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