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Differences and testing between USB connectors and type C connectors


Nowadays, with the changes in development, electronic products are becoming increasingly important in our lives. Today, let's get to know about type C and USB connectors!

When we use it on a mobile phone, its interface is called type c. When we use it on a computer, its interface is called a USB connector, so the name is different, but the essence is similar.

The biggest feature of the type C dual sided pluggable interface is its support for dual sided insertion of the USB interface, officially addressing the global challenge of "USB forever prohibited", allowing for easy insertion on both sides. The USB data cable used in conjunction with it must also be thinner and lighter

USB, also known as "Universal Serial Bus", is a Chinese name for Universal Serial Bus. A way to connect electronic products with each other. Applied in various fields such as mobile, audiovisual, sedan electronics, multimedia, electrical appliances, etc. Currently, it has been widely used in various external devices.

The primary supporting categories of USB connectors include transportation, communication, network, IT, healthcare, home appliances, etc. The rapid development of product technology and the rapid growth of shopping malls in the supporting categories strongly drive the development of connector technology. So far, USB connectors have become a series and specialized product with complete product types, rich variety specifications, diverse structural types, segmented professional directions, significant professional characteristics, and standardized system specifications.

Testing process for USB connector insertion and removal strength:

1. Test intention:

A specific and concise standard method for determining the required insertion and extraction force between USB connectors or between their maintenance covers and connectors.

2. Preparation before the test:

① The test sample consists of a plug and a touchable end socket, and the sample must match, unless specifically concise. The sample should consist of all available hardware including rubber cores, terminals, iron shells, protective covers, screws or guides;

② Auxiliary clamps and fixtures used during testing.

3. Test method:

① Penetration test

Place two interchangeable USB connectors in the initial position of mechanical insertion, with zero readings on both the force and torque gauges. Thoroughly and fully insert (match) the connector at a gradual force rate according to the standard, and record the peak insertion force

② Pullout force

Completely and abundantly unplug the already inserted connector with a gradual force rate according to the standard, and record the unplugging force

4. Precautions:

① In the test, the dial of the tension gauge should be placed in the appropriate position of the connector to facilitate the reading pointer to be located at the center of the gauge, so that the gauge can be operated accurately to ± 2%

② Unless otherwise specified in the standard, the sample does not require any method for smoothing or cleaning

Source: http://www.gjydz.com/html/article_83.html

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