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Explain the relevant knowledge of the MICRO USB 3.0 connector base


MICRO USB 3.0 is one of the major categories of USB connectors, also known as the SuperSpeed USB MICRO-B interface connector. Its design principle is to stack five pin solder contacts on the side of the USB 2.0 MICRO-B interface connector to achieve a new generation of complete USB 3.0 standard data transmission speed.

USB 3.0 MICRO-B interface connector can be used for hard disk drive, Portable storage device, digital camera, mobile phone and other USB 3.0 devices. However, due to changes in the shape of the plug, the USB 3.0 MICRO-B male connector cannot be inserted into the USB 2.0 B socket. However, devices with USB 3.0 MICRO-B sockets can accept compatibility with previous USB 2.0 MICRO-B plugs.

The interface shape of MICRO USB 3.0 is flat and wide, with a gap on the near side. The side with the gap can be compatible with data cables using MICRO USB 2.0 (MICRO USB 3.0 has two types of interfaces, MICRO-A and MICRO-B). This also completes the perfect downward movement guaranteed by USB3.0 timekeeping. Although the width is increased, the thickness of MINI's USB3.0 is still the smallest USB3.0, which still has meaning in the ultra-thin Portable storage device.

micro usb 3.0母座外壳四脚插板

Because USB 3.0 has downward compatibility, it can be compatible with 2.0 wire or host. It can also ensure that the shape of the 2.0 interface is not changed to add contacts on the general A-type USB interface. However, USB 2.0 does not have room to add more contacts in the size of the B-port and MICRO USB interface, so the method of adding structures around the original interface was used. This way, 3.0 wires can be plugged into all interfaces, while 2.0 wires can only be plugged into the corresponding shape positions and can be used, but only at a speed of 2.0.

As the demand for higher data transfer rates continues to grow, more industrial applications such as machine vision and 3D imaging are beginning to implement USB 3.0 MICRO-B connectors in their system designs. Screw lock MICRO-B connectors are typically used for wiring to ensure secure interconnection with devices.

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