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Talk about the relationship between mobile phone fast charging and USB 3.0



The next generation iPhone should still maintain the Lightning interface

On the morning of March 3rd, it was reported that Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst at Kaiji Securities, mentioned in a recent research report that Apple's three iPhones to be released this year will still use the Lightning interface, but Apple will add a fast charging feature to them.

In the past two years, the USB-C interface has been widely used in mobile products. In computer product lines, including Apple's own MacBook Pro, this interface is also used. There have been rumors in the industry that Apple will also abandon the Lightning interface that has been used for many years on the iPhone 8 and switch to USB-C.

But Guo Mingyi mentioned in his research report:

The new 2H17 model (referring to the 2017 iPhone) can all support fast charging. We believe that all three new iPhones will adopt Type-C power transmission technology (while still maintaining the appearance of the Lightning interface).

A key technical challenge lies in ensuring product safety and data transmission stability during the fast charging process. In order to achieve this goal, we believe that Apple will use Texas Instruments's power management and Cypress's OLED version iPhone (the legendary high-end version) may use a 2-cell L-shaped battery with faster charging speed.

In addition to fast charging, along with the iPhone 8, there are also OLED curved screens (at least one is), a special camera, and possibly even wireless charging capabilities.


The Fast Charging Path of Apple

The reason for adopting Lightning, in addition to years of habit, is also an important reason for Apple to maintain the revenue of MFi certified licensed accessories.

Micro USB接口

In fact, whether it can charge quickly or not is not related to the use of USB-C or Micro USB interface. The main problem is fast charging while also maintaining stable operation of the phone.

Apple has always maintained a cautious attitude towards new technologies from the laboratory to the product, which is also the reason why the iPhone hardware configuration is not as gorgeous as Android phones look. Technologies such as 2K screens have been popular in the Android camp for a while and then subsided, but have never appeared on the iPhone.

Taking USB 3.0 as an example, many years ago, Samsung added a USB 3.0 interface to the GALAXY Note 3. However, there may be signal conflicts when transferring files at high speeds. N9008V (mobile 4G version) users often encounter sudden interruption of their phone's 4G signal when connecting to the computer to transfer files and automatically switching to 3G/2G mode. This is the interference caused by USB 3.0 on the 2.4GHz frequency band network.

It is also for this reason that although there are many manufacturers using USB-C at present, only a few of them have really achieved USB 3.0 transmission, and many manufacturers still use the USB-C+2.0 transmission speed. Pete Lau, the founder of OnePlus One, once thought in an exclusive interview that mobile phones are mainly wireless transmission, and there are few opportunities to connect computers to transmit Big data like USB disks, so USB 3.0 is actually unnecessary.

On the other hand. Apple is very cautious about using fast charging. Currently, among many product lines, only AirPods headphones and Magic Mouse 2 mice use fast charging. Among large products, only the 12.9-inch iPad Pro can support USB 3.0 transmission speed and fast charging, but the built-in cable is not. You must purchase Apple's own USB-C to Lightning data cable separately. Lightning transmission for iPhone and other devices is still USB 2.0 speed.


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