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How to design waterproof type-c connectors


With the penetration of small consumer electronic devices into various aspects of our lives, they need to withstand various harsh environmental tests. Connectors of these products must have protection function and ensure Signal integrity at the same time. When the device is splashed, overflowed, or even dropped into the water, the waterproof type-c can meet the challenge.

Consumer electronics now need to be equipped with higher density components, transmit larger files, charge faster, and use in more demanding environments. This means that traditional connectivity solutions cannot meet the requirements. Although universal serial bus and micro connectors have been the common standard choices for device connectivity since the 1990s, type-C is becoming the preferred connector for today's consumer products because it provides better performance in power and data transmission. Customers need genuine IPX8 grade waterproof type-c connectors (i.e. those tested to prevent water from entering up to one meter of water immersion). In this article, the editor of Guangjiayuan will study the advantages of type-C connectors and discuss the selection and design of waterproof type-C connectors.

Waterproof electronic components are a popular trend in the consumer equipment industry. Users can carry their phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other small electronic products with them, so waterproofing is important. IPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei high-end smartphones, and other smartphone manufacturers are all touting the water resistance of their products to consumers. This ideal performance can also be applied to other products, such as Electric shaver, Electric toothbrush, service point terminals, wearable devices, and automotive, medical and industrial products. The last thing users want to worry about is the environmental sensitivity in electrical products, especially in environments with water.


Another major trend is faster operation. Users hope that the product can transmit data faster and charge faster. The market is transitioning from micro to type-c, as the power and data rate provided by type-c are 10 times higher than the former. For example, a product with a 3.0 micro connector may use 0.9A charging, while a type-c connector can use up to 5A charging. In addition, the micro data transfer rate is within the 5Gb/s range, but type-c data transfer can transfer up to 10Gb/s, which can vary greatly when transferring large files from one device to another.

Guangjiayuan is a manufacturer specializing in the design and production of connectors and connecting wires, dedicated to the design and development of connectors for more than ten years, and striving to become a leader in the industry, mainly covering the production fields of connectors, HDMI connectors, Displayport connectors, and other connector products; Intelligent driving communication related products such as automobiles. Provide customers with competitive solutions and products, and contribute to China's creation.

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