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Horizontal type-c8p female four pin plug board end SMT patch

Horizontal type-c8p female four pin plug board end SMT patch

  • category:type-c FEMALE
  • Release Date:2022-02-17
  • Supply type C8pin interface mother base, shell horizontal four pin plug-in board welding/power supply 8p pin terminal SMT patch, with a body length of 7.35mm and a small volume suitable for the development of small charging connectors.

  • Product Introduction

The type c8p base material is as follows:

1. Material:

1.1 Terminal: C5191R-EH, T=0.15mm

1.2 Rubber core: LCP+30% GF; Color: Black

1.3 Shell: SUS 304R-1/2H.T0.30mm

2. Electroplating:

2.1 Terminal: Electroplated nickel bottom 50u "Min. (Welding area) Electroplated bright tin 80u" Min

2.2 Shell: Electroplated nickel bottom 50u "Min


The characteristic of the type C8p motherboard is its small size, and there is no need to worry about inserting it backwards. We believe that we have often inserted it backwards in traditional USB interfaces, and it can be said that blind insertion is very inconvenient. Blind insertion no longer has to worry about the dilemma of 'permanently inserting incorrectly'. Other type C interfaces have smaller volumes and are much smaller than traditional type A interfaces, which can reduce the space occupation of the charging port.

The type C interface with fast charging and 10Gps high-speed transmission has a data transmission speed of 10Gbit/s, which shortens the time for copying large files and improves power immediately for users. However, the type C connector is not only used for inserting USB drives and data cables to transfer files, but also can support fast charging. Under the USB PD power transmission protocol, it can support up to 100W of power transmission. Nowadays, more and more chargers are equipped with type C interfaces, which can charge over 80% of the electricity in an hour, which is very fast. Moreover, type C can also support bidirectional charging.

Shenzhen Guangjiayuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is a professional company engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of Apple male and female seat accessories, integrating high-quality and various types of electronic connectors such as type C connectors, micro connectors, mini interfaces, and precision connectors. The company has a complete range and quality assurance. Its headquarters are located in Taiwan/Taipei. And we have factories and offices in Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places in Guangdong Province, China. Our company sells a wide range of products, but not all of them are uploaded. We are continuously developing new products and improving product quality. If you cannot find the products you need or have concerns about product performance, you can consult our customer service and request sample testing, We will wholeheartedly answer all your questions, provide good solutions, and offer you more favorable conditions and comprehensive after-sales service. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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    Mr. Chen 136-6225-2835 (same WeChat account)

    Miss Chen 189-2385-0895 (same WeChat account)

    Chen Weiting 135-3824-4786 (same WeChat account)


    Building 10, Hongxing Gebu Qixiang, Songgang Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

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