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Type c24p with board test male, fully plastic structure charging data male USB 3.1 connector

Type c24p with board test male, fully plastic structure charging data male USB 3.1 connector

  • category:type-c Male head
  • Release Date:2022-03-29
  • Full plastic black glue 3.1 type C with PCB board test plug interface positive and negative insertion structure, can withstand 10000 repeated plug and pull side tests without damaging the mother seat end, can withstand 5A high current, and has the advantage of mass production and shipment. Other models can be equipped with a 56K resistor or customized PC circuit design, with high conductivity copper pins, which can enhance current conductivity and transmission stability.

  • Product Introduction

The terminal is made of phosphor copper, with gold plated contact points characterized by good elasticity, wear resistance, and low contact impedance.

Rubber core, made of LCP material, characterized by high temperature resistance and high insulation performance Ensure that the product is welded at a high temperature of 300 ° C without deformation or blistering.

Type-c has established an ERP resource management system in the production and manufacturing section, and a PDM product engineering Database management system in the R&D section, realizing the information management and enterprise headquarters management and operation mode. At the same time, it is also following up the new energy market, contributing its own strength to the environmental protection cause of the great motherland, will continue to focus on technology, and is committed to becoming an industry player.

3.1 type c带板充电数据插头

Type-C products are suitable for mini fans, USB drives, smartphones, data cables, Bluetooth earphones, laptops, power banks, mobile phones, Bluetooth audio, mobile power supplies, 3C smart products, PCB boards, cameras, computers, cars, household appliances, medical, communication and other computer peripheral devices.

Guangjiayuan Electronic Technology has always maintained a forward-looking strategic vision, with a spirit of pursuing excellence and a constantly advancing corporate culture, and is leaping forward in the rapidly growing and ever-changing electronic industry. With efficient production capacity and high-quality customer service, we have always maintained a competitive advantage in the industry, providing customers with a variety of component supplies and real-time product technical services, and establishing long-term partnerships. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity first, customer first, low-carbon environmental protection, and achieving the future" to achieve sustainable operation. In response to the trend of the 3C industry, we have developed various high-frequency connectors to meet the trend of the times and the needs of customers.

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    Mr. Chen 136-6225-2835 (same WeChat account)

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    Chen Weiting 135-3824-4786 (same WeChat account)


    Building 10, Hongxing Gebu Qixiang, Songgang Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

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