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Sinking plate 0.8mm waterproof type-c6p adhesive plate base

Sinking plate 0.8mm waterproof type-c6p adhesive plate base

  • category:type-c Waterproof base
  • Release Date:2021-07-18
  • Charging special model/shell with two integral sinking plates of 0.8mm, integrated die-cast USB type-c6pin mounting plate mother base IPx67 waterproof grade, with red silicone rubber ring, external structure sus304R steel shell with two fish fork foot sinking plates, shell coated with matte t50u/terminal material C5191R-EH gold plated with 10u, rubber material using environmentally friendly and high-temperature resistant LCP rubber core/body length of 6.7mm, high conductivity copper power supply pin 6p single row SMT, without data transmission and exchange signal pin, only charging function.

  • Product Introduction

The characteristics of the sink type c6p waterproof base are as follows:



1.1 Housing: PA9T

1.2 Contact:C5191,t=0.20mm

1.3 Shell: Kirsite







    100V AC MIN;




    6~20N(AFTER 10000 CYCLES) 





The simple type-c6p waterproof motherboard does not have a data transmission and exchange signal pin, and only has a charging function. The product structure is different from the micro motherboard. Although the micro motherboard only has a 5pin pin, it not only supports charging function, but also has data transmission and exchange function. The data transmission supports USB 2.0 transmission rate, which is 480Mbps. The waterproof type-c6p mother seat hardware shell manufacturing process is an integrated die-casting process, and the shell hardware material is zinc alloy. This process has better airtightness and more stable waterproof performance compared to common stretching and stamping adhesives. The height of the main body on the board is 3.86mm, with a waterproof rubber ring of IPx67 grade. The waterproof process uses measures such as integrated die casting of the main body, adhesive sealing of the tail terminals, and rubber sealing rubber rings on the outer side of the interface. In terms of charging performance, it supports a high current of over five amperes and is compatible with various current fast charging protocol specifications. In terms of plug and unplug service life, it supports over ten thousand plug and unplug cycles (testing environment: 150 to 250 plug and unplug cycles per hour at room temperature, after reaching ten thousand times, stop testing and no longer continue).


The waterproof type-c mother base has a very obvious difference in wiring of pin terminals compared to traditional automatic machine insertion process. The waterproof type-c base adopts a process of injection molding of pins and plastic body parts. When embedding the pins into the plastic, it is necessary to ensure that there is no gap between the pin and the plastic tongue. This process is a measure of waterproof technology belonging to the front end. The process is the combination process of Thermoforming between the plastic body and the hardware shell, which can avoid the gap caused by different materials and contact between hardware and plastic. The main function of this process is to prevent water leakage at the bottom, which is to set the installation position of the sealing rubber ring at the front end of the connector. The material of the sealing ring used is silicone silicone, which has excellent waterproof performance. The last process is to use a double-layer shell in the structure to design a stretched inner membrane between the inner side of the main interface, and on the other hand, to fix the product on the outer hardware shell, This can effectively avoid the opening formed during pin insertion.

The waterproof type-c base is characterized in that it includes: a shell; The inner shell is equipped with a waterproof part, and one end of the waterproof part is folded outward. The waterproof part is provided with a groove inside. When the outer shell is sheathed in the inner shell, one end of the outer shell is placed in the groove; Transmission Department; The transmission part is used for transmission, which includes a transmission board and an installation platform. When the installation platform is housed in the outer shell, the transmission board is housed in the inner shell; The waterproof type-c base ensures a longer service life of electronic products, with a simple waterproof structure and convenient production, which can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

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