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High quality Micro USB 5P B-type female socket, 5.9 spacing front plug/rear mount SMT

High quality Micro USB 5P B-type female socket, 5.9 spacing front plug/rear mount SMT

  • category:micro usb FEMALE
  • Release Date:2022-09-01
  • The manufacturer directly sells high-quality MICRO USB 5PIN B TYPE interface mother base, with a front plug board length of 1.25Mm/5.9MM and a spacing of two solder pins/pin terminals on the back. The board is coated with fog tin and comes with a positioning column/guide position/no guide position/flipped/non flipped options. The length of the plug board can be customized in a price range of 0.8/1.0/1.25/1.6MM.

  • Product Introduction

Micro USB 5P Mother Base Material Description:


1.1 Housing: High temperature

    thermoplastic with g.f,UL94v-0

1.2 Contact: copper alloy,t=0.20mm

1.3 Shell: copper alloy,t=0.25mm


2.1 Current rating:1,5PIN 1.8A Max/2,3,4PIN 1A Max.

2.2 Dielectric withstanding 

    voltage: 100 V(ac) for 1 min.

2.3 Contact resistance: 30 mΩ Max.

2.4 Insulation resistance: 100 MΩ Min.

2.5 Total mating force: 3.57 Kgf Max.

2.6 Total unmating force: 1.0 Kgf Min.

2.7 Temperature range: -30°C~80°C


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