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Hidden Interface Micro USB Becomes the New Charging Standard in the Communication Industry


Perhaps you never thought of Micro USB interface as an inconspicuous small plug, but it has good technical requirements and prospects. The person in charge of the USB Standards organization introduced that since the promulgation of the new generation USB interface standard, almost all users at home and abroad have chosen Micro USB products that meet this standard as their first choice. The Micro USB interface adopts a new structure, which not only improves reliability, but more importantly, it can determine whether the connection is in place by feeling it.

The rapidly developing 3G communication field in China is currently enjoying huge benefits from the new generation of charging standards. Breaking through technological barriers, developing and producing high-precision, high-tech, and high value-added Micro USB charging products will more effectively meet the domestic market demand. At present, chargers and mobile phones are "monogamous", and each phone must be equipped with a set of chargers. Mobile phone chargers from different manufacturers are not compatible with each other, and even different models of phones produced by the same manufacturer cannot have compatible chargers shared. According to the standards issued by the Ministry of Information Industry, a universal mobile phone charger consists of a USB data cable and a charger with a USB motherboard. The charger can not only be used between different mobile phones, but can also be charged directly from the USB interface of the computer through the USB data cable.

In recent years, the new generation standard Micro USB has gradually become a "hot spot" in the field of civilian products, with the product market constantly expanding and the development momentum of enterprises being rapid. The development and production of the new generation Micro USB not only bring many benefits to enterprises themselves, but also inject vitality into the civilian product market: improve the utilization rate of equipment, process technology, and other inputs, achieve the goal of relying on military technology advantages to strengthen the civilian product market, and enhance the technical content and level of civilian products.

In the field of civilian products, the micro USB interface not only provides connector matching services for mainstream communication giants such as ZTE and Huawei, but also applies to emerging civilian industries such as electric vehicles, various digital devices, and even large aircraft projects, filling multiple gaps in these fields. Due to the adoption of the latest Micro interface as the standard for the new generation of chargers, the service life of some Micro USB products has been increased from 300 to 100000 cycles, resulting in a significant improvement in quality.

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