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Talk about the popularity of type-c interface in mobile phones and Small appliance


Since Apple's New Macbook was equipped with the type-c interface last year, more and more mobile phone manufacturers have been following suit, gradually penetrating from high-end to low-end, which is the development path of type-c in smartphones. At present, the mainstream flagship models newly released in the market have fully started using the USB type-c interface.

It is understood that currently on the market, the LeEco Super Phone series, Xiaomi series, Moto Z/M, LG G5, Jinli M5 Plus, ZUK Z1, Huawei P9 series, ZTE AXON Sky Machine MAX, Yijia Machine 2, Jinli S8, and Meizu Pro 6S/5 all use type-c interface. There are also rumors that the Apple 8, which will be launched next year, will also use the type-c interface.

Whether Apple 8 will adopt the type-c interface will not be mentioned for now, but based on the best-selling phones in the market, type-c will already become the mainstream. The type-c interface accounted for 25% of the top 20 best-selling mobile phones in China in November.


So why is the type-C interface being sought after by mobile phone manufacturers? Let's analyze it and find out. Due to the type-c interface being able to support data, audio, video, and charging simultaneously, it is also compatible with various mainstream high-definition video interface standards such as Display Port, HDMI, MHL, and more. The Type-C compatible with Thunderbolt3 can provide speeds up to 40Gbps, making dual 4k high-definition transmission possible. Therefore, type-c undoubtedly becomes the best choice for future video interfaces. High definition monitors, flat panel TVs, and VR/AR devices will bid farewell to the coexistence of multiple interfaces and use type-c to achieve the unity of audio, video, and power supply. On mobile phones, you can replace the 3.5-inch headphone connector.

In addition, the type-c interface can bring convenience for forward and backward insertion, and the maximum flow defined by the type-c interface connector is 5A, while retaining the flow definition of 10A to meet the fast charging requirements, which is also what terminal manufacturers value. At the same time, Type-C, which integrates charging, data, and audio and video interface functions, is very powerful, and the establishment of this ecosystem will form a situation where the interface is widely used worldwide. Given this, from a top-down perspective in the industry chain, industry giants such as USB associations, standard setting, interface chips, foundries, and consumer terminals have spared no effort to promote the popularization of USB C.

Established in 2013, Shenzhen Guangjiayuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an industry technology leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of highly precise connectors and electronic components. These products are crucial for connecting to an increasingly tight world. Its main products include: USB type C male female series, USB 2.0 male female series, USB 3.0 male female series, micro USB male female series, micro waterproof, type C waterproof, touch switch, and other high-quality connector sockets. Widely used in various electronic consumer industries such as chargers, electronic appliances, medical equipment, industrial equipment, and computer peripherals. Engineers working together with many innovative companies around the world to solve daunting challenges and work together to create a smarter, safer, greener, and more connected world. Collaborative problem-solving and collaboration. This is the needs of our customers and our goal. From the design and development process to early engineering collaboration, to actual customer support and on-time delivery, we work closely with customers at all stages. We create excellent customer experiences and achieve fruitful results.

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