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USB Type-C will be upgraded to allow encrypted verification of connected devices


Recently, there was news that the USB-C standard may be upgraded to allow the use of encryption to verify connected devices. It will ensure that the device is properly certified, but it can also be used to enhance security

USB Type-C连接设备

For example, there are bugs or vulnerabilities in USB chargers provided in public places such as airports and coffee shops, if a hacker replaces them with devices designed to spread malware, or simply uses cheap counterfeit chargers that cannot provide the correct power.

The new standard, abbreviated as USB Type-C certification, will ensure that it is a true charger.

This standard allows for device authentication using data or power transmission channels, which means that the charger can be verified without opening a data connection to a Mac or iPad.

The USB Implementer Forum (USB-IF) states that authentication will immediately present the connection where any type of device is allowed before accessing it.

USB Type-C authentication enables the host system to prevent incompatible USB chargers and reduce the risk of malicious firmware/hardware in USB devices attempting to utilize USB connections. Using this protocol, the host system can confirm the authenticity of USB devices, USB cables, or USB chargers, including product aspects such as functionality and certification status. All of this occurs at the moment of establishing a connection - before transmitting inappropriate electricity or data.

The adoption of the new USB-C encryption standard is optional.

USB-IF is pleased to launch the USB Type-C certification program, providing OEMs with the flexibility of a security framework that best suits their specific product requirements, "said Jeff Ravenclaft, President and Chief Operating Officer of USB-IF. With the continuous development of the USB Type-C ecosystem, companies can further provide consumers with the security they expect from certified USB devices.

It is currently unclear whether Apple will adopt it, but considering the company's commitment to security, it seems more likely.

On devices released by Apple, companies that may implement their own USB security policies in 2019 will ensure that user data is not stolen or lost.

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