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Where can I provide a micro USB double-sided front and back male connector!


In the second half of 2015, Shenzhen Guangjiayuan Electronics launched a new micro USB double-sided front and back sockets/male connectors/interfaces/plugs. A good USB double-sided plug has been fully utilized, saving social resources, integrating functions, and making it easy to carry, so that the product performance and quality can reach a higher level. Only in this way can we better keep up with the development of the times, change market rules, break the market pattern, and create a "technologically advanced and high-quality electronic production base.

正反插micro usb公座

The micro usb double-sided positive and negative plug is widely used in Nokia mobile phones, HTC mobile phones, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, tablet computers, List of Xiaomi products, Android mobile phones, mobile power, power packs, Blackmold mobile phones, computer network cards, Wireless network interface controller, network switches, smart phones, V8 mobile phones, power packs, paperless fax, MP3, MP4 player, digital cameras, digital video cameras, mini usb audio and other models, which can transmit data and charge.

Quality commitment: Any micro USB product sold by Guangjiayuan will be supplied by a reputable raw material supplier from a large factory. We are long-term cooperative manufacturers and firmly do not use cheap substances. Each micro USB is completed on an automatic packaging line, and after strict screening requirements and layer by layer quality control, we ensure the reliability, stability, consistency, and standardization of each batch of micro USB interfaces leaving the factory!

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    Mr. Chen 136-6225-2835 (same WeChat account)

    Miss Chen 189-2385-0895 (same WeChat account)

    Chen Weiting 135-3824-4786 (same WeChat account)


    Building 10, Hongxing Gebu Qixiang, Songgang Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

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