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Detailed definition of USB type-c interface, teach you how to change type c data cable to OTG data cable


A few days ago, I posted an article about the difference between micro USB data cables and OTG data cables. A simple overview is as follows: The difference between OTG and regular data cables is that the fourth pin of the micro USB is grounded. As long as the fourth pin is grounded and the USB male is replaced by the female, the micro USB data cable can be turned into an OTG data cable. The simple and easy method has aroused great interest among netizens.QQ截图20190520080641.jpg

A netizen left a message asking how to convert a USB type-c data cable into an OTG data cable. To modify, it is necessary to first understand the pin definitions and detailed graphic information of the data cable. First, take a picture to see the pin definitions of the USB type-C data cable.


From the information pin definition of the USB type-c data line above, it can be seen that A5 and B5 are two key pins, and the CC pin they belong to has many functions. Distinguishing master-slave modes by detecting connections; Configure Vbus with two modes: USB type-c and USB Power Delivery; When configuring Vconn, when there is a chip in the cable, one CC pin transmits the signal, and the other CC pin becomes the power supply Vconn, among other functions.


After checking the random USB type-C data cables of two mobile phones, it was found that the pins were incomplete. From the random USB type-C data cables of multiple mobile phones at hand, they all had only 12 pins, all of which were shrunk. The data transmission can only be in USB 2.0 mode, and although third-party data cables have many more pins, reaching 16 pins, they are also in USB 2.0 mode. Take a look at the comparison chart.


Actually, by looking at the USB port on the other end of the data cable to see if it is a USB 3.0 port, you can determine if it is shrinking. Let's talk about how to change the USB type-c data cable to an OTG data cable. The key foot for the transformation is the CC foot. Connect a resistor from the CC pin to the GND pin. When the phone detects this resistor, it will switch to the main mode. The phone will turn on the Vbus power switch and output power to external devices such as USB flash drives, keyboards, mice, etc. At this point, the data cable has become an OTG data cable.


Due to the fact that various external devices such as USB flash drives, mice, keyboards, etc. are all male USB, the OTG data cable must be female USB when changed to female USB. There is a resistor connected between the CC pin and GND, and the resistance size is not very strict.


If you are interested, you can use the materials at hand to change the USB type-C data cable that comes with the phone to an OTG data cable, and be sure to replace the male head with the female head USB on the other end.

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